Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sleek Blush - Rose Gold

As I mentioned, my cousin sent me two Sleek blushes. Unfortunately, this one got destroyed in the mail :(

I opened the Aruba blush first, and there it was in all its glory. Then, I quickly moved on to open Rose Gold and it was shattered.

I tried fixing it with Rubbing Alcohol and it worked, but it's obviously doesn't look the same as a brand new blush and A LOT of product went to waste in the process. Oh well. Life goes on.

From Sleek Makeup's website:
A highly pigmented blusher to brighten and define cheekbones. The silky-fine formulation provides long lasting blusher which helps to create a subtle but radiant cheek area.

The color is basically a pinkish-coral with golden shimmer in it. A LOT of shimmer. Thankfully, the shimmer is not chunky at all! It's really pretty because the shimmer in the blush reflects the light and your face starts to look glowy! It's very similar to NARS Orgasm, but I think it's a bit more pigmented.

Also, the formula seems much more powdery than the Aruba blush. I noticed that immediately when I opened the blush and saw it shattered. The texture is also much more silkier than the Aruba blush.

You get 8 grams of product (again, 50% more than NARS blushes) for £4,29 or $6.50. You can purchase Sleek products online at: or at your local Superdrug. This blush is a part of their permanent line, so no need to rush!

Also, you can get a 20% off coupon from the Sleek Facebook page!

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