Monday, September 20, 2010

Jewelry Haul (+ some gifts!)

Bonjour everyone!

Well recently, I bought some jewelry and received some as Eid gifts, so I decided to show you guys what I got!

I got these from Macy's (department store). I found them in the clearance section for only about $6!

These are from Forever 21. My sister actually got these as part of an Eid gift. And well, I happened to look at the price tag and they were only for a $1.50! How cute! (
My best friend got me these from Charlotte Russe. They are basically hoop earrings. That store has some really nice jewelery for really low prices! (

One of my neighbors who just came back from Pakistan got me these from somewhere in Karachi. Unfortunately, I threw away the packing so I don't remember the name of the store. And I wore these with my Eid clothes!

I got this from JcPenny (department store). Again, I don't remember the company because I threw away the packing. The necklace and earrings I bought separate. They don't match perfectly, but when I wore it together, you couldn't even tell that they don't go together.

This last set is my absolute favorite! Basically, the necklace has a faux leather strap and you can adjust and tie it around your neck. I got it from Kohl's and it was by Vera Wang. It cost me around $15. You can check out more jewelry by Vera Wang here:

So that was all! Hope you liked it!

Sum vir.

Avon beComing double up eyeshadow and liner duet - Sugar Daddy


Here I am with my first review.

Well I'm going to start off with some of the older makeup I have. And the one I'm about to review is pretty old and I think is discontinued (unless you can find it online). Nevertheless, this has to be one of my favorite eyeliners so I'm going to review it (for practice, I guess).

So basically, this product is an eyeshadow and liner duet by Avon beComing. The color is called Sugar Daddy.

Basically, there are two sides-- one is an eyeliner and the other is a cream eyeshadow.

I'm not too fond of the cream eyeshadow as something to use all over the lid. I only like it if it's used as base because it really makes the color of the eyeshadow pop!
Even though both things are meant to be different, I use them both as eyeliners underneath the bottom lash line / lower lid. The dark purple is especially nice for a smokey look! Both sides are extremely creamy and glide onto your eyes smoothly!

Here are the swatches:

(The dark purple is super pigmented!)

(Left-eyeshadow, Right- eyeliner)

So what do you think?
How was that for my first review?

(Oh and sorry for the crappy pictures. I'll try better lighting next time!)

Sum vir.

First post!

Hey everyone!
My name is Zainab and I'm new to this whole blog thing.
I just recently got interested in makeup and was inspired by some of the bloggers to start my won blog!

So a special shout-out to:

Sooo...let's see how things go!

Sum vir.