Monday, September 20, 2010

Jewelry Haul (+ some gifts!)

Bonjour everyone!

Well recently, I bought some jewelry and received some as Eid gifts, so I decided to show you guys what I got!

I got these from Macy's (department store). I found them in the clearance section for only about $6!

These are from Forever 21. My sister actually got these as part of an Eid gift. And well, I happened to look at the price tag and they were only for a $1.50! How cute! (
My best friend got me these from Charlotte Russe. They are basically hoop earrings. That store has some really nice jewelery for really low prices! (

One of my neighbors who just came back from Pakistan got me these from somewhere in Karachi. Unfortunately, I threw away the packing so I don't remember the name of the store. And I wore these with my Eid clothes!

I got this from JcPenny (department store). Again, I don't remember the company because I threw away the packing. The necklace and earrings I bought separate. They don't match perfectly, but when I wore it together, you couldn't even tell that they don't go together.

This last set is my absolute favorite! Basically, the necklace has a faux leather strap and you can adjust and tie it around your neck. I got it from Kohl's and it was by Vera Wang. It cost me around $15. You can check out more jewelry by Vera Wang here:

So that was all! Hope you liked it!

Sum vir.


  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE jewelery and esp long , dangly earrings and big chunky rings. Loved your selection of earrings. :)

  2. Your jewellery haul is very nice, hun! I am loving all of them xoxo

  3. love the earrings from macy! eid shopping is THE best <3

  4. Thanks for the comment!
    Totally agree with you about the Eid shopping!