Friday, October 1, 2010

ULTA Eyeshadow - Wink Silver Palette

Hola again!

I've been meaning to do a post on this for a while and now, I think the time has come. I bought two of these palettes from ULTA a couple months back. I used a coupon a ended up getting them for $3.50 each! The palette I'm going to review first has more cool colors in it. The other palette has more neutrals in it. Each palette has 9 colors in it. Basically, I got 18 colors for $7.00

Oh, and it came with two eyeshadow brushes, which I guess ULTA made specifically for this palette. It's pretty pointless, but I've worked with it. They're not even eyeshadow brushes. It's just a bunch of bristles put together. Refer to the pictures to see what I mean. They don't pick up eyeshadow like a real eyeshadow brush should.

At first, when I got this, I HATED IT! The eyeshadows just seemed so chalky and powdery (and they still kind of are, but not as bad). For some odd reason, after constant use of these eyeshdaows, the colors became less chalky, less powdery, and more pigmented. I have no idea how that happened! The eyeshadows are soft so you will get fallout. Most of the eyeshadows in the ULTA palettes are just like this, so if you're planning on buying an ULTA eyeshadow palette, then refer to this post as a guide.

Nevertheless, I love this palette now! The neutrals palette is even better and I had a better experience with it as far as pigmentation and chalkiness. I shall be reviewing that at a later time.

The palette isn't bad for $3.50 :)

These 3 colors were the chalkiest out of all of them. The greens, however, have improved over time (again, no idea how it happened). I JUST got the pale yellow color to work right before I took these pictures. There's a story behind it! So I was at the mall one day, and some guy stopped me to show me these really cool eyeshadows. They were basically like MAC pigments, but you could use them as a powder eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow, lipstick/lipgloss, and blush. Basically, you just had to add water or Vaseline in them. So months later, when I get these eyeshadows, I think to myself, let me try that Vaseline trick. Instead, it didn't work and the pale yellow eyeshadow had this solidified layer of Vaseline on it. So just yesterday, when I was taking these pictures, I went on a mission to remove that greasy layer. I took the end of the eyeshadow brush and just scraped it really hard and Voila! I finally got the color to work. But now the problem is that, I don't know what to do with that color. Anyone want to help me? Can it be used as a highlight?

The light blue was also chalky, but it isn't anymore :) The rest of the colors are fine!

These three are the most pigmented - purple, grayish silver, and black.

Whew! That was a long post!
Will get back with the other palette!

Sum vir.


  1. Lovely swatch :) the palette looks amazing but I am really sorry about the chalkiness. I hate when this happens.

  2. lovely colors you've got there girl! post the pictures and swatches of the other palette :)

    please check and follow my blog aswell, :)

  3. @ShyCheeks: will post the pictures and swatches for the other palette soon!

  4. nice swatches! these colors look so pretty :)